• UMO enables students to reach their full potential through specialised mentoring support tailored to individual needs.
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About UMO

UMO is an ethical organisation based in London.

Our services include:

  • Mentoring for students undertaking a BSc/BA, MA/MSc, MRes, MBBS, PhDs or other degrees
  • Consultations to universities and colleges
  • Workshops and trainings to university staff
  • CPD
  • Individual and group supervision
  • Group facilitation

We also undertake quantitative and qualitative research on mentoring.

How can mentoring help me?

Mentoring can help people in many different ways depending on the need of the individual student and what they would like to work on themselves. Mentoring can also work in association with the needs assessment. In all instances, the mentor will help the mentee to identify, define and articulate their individual goals and personal motives.

For some, mentoring can help by:

  • Motivating and empowering the student to identify their own issues and targets, and help them to find ways of resolving or reaching them
  • Supporting and encouraging the student to find ways to manage their own learning and develop their skills and capacities
  • Creating a space to stop and think and talk about the psychological pressures and stresses they may be under with a well qualified and experienced person who understands the needs of students at university
Mentoring can be all or a mixture of the above, depending what is right for the person. Most importantly, mentoring enables the student to establish a private and safe relationship with their mentor who understands the demands of university life and the psychological difficulties and problems that face the individual student.

Our Team

UMO provides a unique specialised mentoring service

  • All mentors working with DSA students are registered with DSA-QAG QAF, are fully insured and have enhanced DBS checks
  • All mentors attend compulsory regular supervision and peer group supervision
  • All mentors follow highly considered risk and safeguarding procedures
  • All mentors are highly qualified and experienced in relevant fields
  • All mentoring occurs in a confidential setting
  • Mentoring sessions can be arranged in the evening or at weekends
  • Mentoring occurs in person (Skype can be used if appropriate on occasion)
  • All mentors have a highly secure mentoring email address

UMO mentors are very well qualified and experienced in their field. They all hold post graduate qualifications and at least five years post qualification experience. Most have 20 or so years experience. All have extensive experience of the university environment and work to the highest levels of professional governance where appropriate. For safeguarding purposes, all our mentors are enhanced CRB checked.

We adhere to the NMH Charter. UMO is a member of the National Association of Disabled Practitioners and adhere's to its mission statement and aims of promoting "excellence in the quality and consistency of educational support services provided for disabled students."

UMO endeavours to deliver a highly professional, respectful and thoughtful service for all who engage.

Practices, Procedures and quality of the service is regularly monitored and reviewed to ensure the highest level of quality control and professionalism is maintained at all times.

We regularly ask for feedback from all our clients and aim to take on board constructive feedback. If you would like to find out more, do feel free to contact us

Services and prices

  • Specialist mental health mentoring (London area)

    £65.50 (excluding VAT)
    NMH rates for specialist mentoring
  • Workshops

    UMO provides bespoke workshops for key university personnel, who may require continuing CPD and training for their work with students.
    Price on application.
  • CPD

    UMO provides CPD for specialist mental health mentors.
    Price on application.


“I don't think I would be able to continue with my course without the help of my mentor. The opportunity to discuss and reflect on the problems that my disability causes in relation to my studies has been invaluable. I may have got more out of learning through reflection about my capabilities and overcoming my limitations from my mentoring than I have from my course in fact. I think the mentoring is also going to be very important in enabling me to confidently manage a return to employment following my course.”

“My mentor is amazing - she asks the right questions, responds in the right way, always encourages and supports me, and we work at a personal level”

“The mentor was very honest, and genuinely cared about my well being.”

“My mentor was very well matched to my background and interests - almost as if if each student is 'hand-picked' a mentor.”

Work at UMO


UMO recruits highly qualified and experienced mental health practitioners who also have a background of working with students at university. Applicants, with a CV and covering letter should be made to: jobs@universitymentoring.org.


If you are suitably experienced and are studying or have studied within the field of psychology and are interested in widening your skill set with an internship in relation to social media communication, please email your CV and a covering letter to: jobs@universitymentoring.org.